New Scouts

Welcome to Troop 79

Troop Flyer:

New Scout Parent Handbook:!Alz5pNgj6oKpnVzmXs9OPeXZef43

New Scout Parent Orientation Powerpoint:!Alz5pNgj6oKpnV5X5WBH87t1qPYA

Once your son and you are a registered member, you can register to access the Troop 79 website by following the link:

Communication is very important for any Scouting organization.  You will receive handouts and e-mails from time to time with various announcements and information.  The primary method of communications is the Troop website and Troopmaster.
Once you have registered with the Troop, the Advancement Coordinator, Trey Doonan, at will send you an email invitation to register on Troopmaster. You must respond in order to gain access to the Private section of the website. Make it a habit to check the web site at least once a week, and in particular the calendar section, prior to meetings and events to verify activities.  Required uniforms and equipment will also be listed there. 

Check List and Instructions for New Scouts:
1- Scouts Transferring from Cub Scouts: Fill out online application and bubble: Boy Scout Troop, UNIT NUMBER: 79 and Transfer Application. You must know your existing membership number from Cub Scouts. Once completed save the pdf file and email the Committee Chairperson, Ena Worrell at

2–New Scouts: Fill out online application and bubble: Boy Scout Troop, UNIT NUMBER: 79 and New to Scouting. Once completed save the pdf file and email the Committee Chairperson, Ena Worrell at

3-Adult Leader Application: At least one parent must fill out an Adult Leader Application as an Assistant Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Member to help promote your son’s Scouting experience. Adult leadership may not be for everyone, but it is expected that everyone be willing to volunteer to help in some way. Once completed, you must take a Youth Protection Training. Click on link:

4 –  Complete Medical Forms and Troop 79 medical administration form and!Alz5pNgj6oKpnWD84aYhvMcVTWvJ for the Scout and participating parent and return it to the Ena Worrell, Committee Chair. All scout applicants, adult leaders and camping parents must complete a BSA Medical Record Form and give a copy of Medical insurance card.  A non-BSA Form will not be acceptable.  If a Scout/adult is going to Summer camp, attend any overnight activity with the Troop, or transporting Scouts,  he or she must also have the correct form completed and on file. At the bottom of Part A, where it says,”Adults authorized to take to and from events, please make one of your entries “Any authorized Troop 79 adult volunteer” The form must be updated every 12 months. 

5 – Complete the Parent Talent Survey (See link) and the Motor Vehicle Checklist (see link) for each vehicle that you might use to carry Scouts or adults on any outing.  Return to Norman Soberano Please review this information in its entirety, complete the information and return it to one of them.  

6- Contact your Cub Scout Treasurer and transfer scout funds to Troop 79 treasurer, Doug Main, at Once you have completed the Troop 79 registration process. The current Troop membership fee for the boys is $______annually. Covered by these fees are BSA registration, insurance, Boy’s Life subscription, advancement materials and a few incidentals.  Adult membership is $________annually and covers registration and insurance.  Scout and adult fees may be pro-rated depending upon date joined. The Troop will provide a user name to our financial website called CHARMS to track your son’s scout account. All checks should be made payable to “BSA – Troop 79”. 

7 – Purchase your Scout a Boy Scout Handbook from a local Scout Shop. Each Scout is required to have a Boy Scout Handbook.  We recommend that the book also have a protective cover. 

8 – Review your Scout’s uniform situation and yours if you are an adult leader.  The Troop will provide red neckerchief, 2 green epaulets, and slide. Full Field Uniforms also known as Class “A” Uniforms are required at most functions for Adults and Scouts. For the Scouts crossing over, sew the arrow of light patch under the left pocket. Troop also has a set of Troop Class B Tee Shirts that are used at Summer Camp and numerous other times throughout the year.  Patches and other items needed to be purchased before attending his first meeting: Numbers 79, Flint River Council Patch, Green Sash,

9-Swimming Test at Peachtree Dive Center before Summer Camp; Usually done in March and is required in order to attend Summer Camp. Information will be provided by Summer Camp Coordinator, Andy Toering, as early as February.

Summer Camp: Troop 79 normally attends Summer Camp during the month of June.  The time and location will be determined by the Patrol Leaders Council and the Scoutmasters and posted in January by our Summer Camp Coordinator, Andy Toering.  This should give everyone ample time to plan to attend this event.  It is STRONGLY recommended that all first year Scouts participate.  Basic Scout skills are taught and are used as a foundation for the remainder of their time as Scouts.  In late December or early January, there will be a separate Summer Camp Section on the website with specific information on the camp including fee schedules and payment deadlines.  Adults are also encouraged to attend and participate for the full week or a half week. 

Weekly Troop Meetings:We meet Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM at Hopewell Methodist Church unless otherwise noted on the calendar.  We meet most weeks including the summer months with the exception of major holiday weeks and Fayette County Public School breaks. 

Monthly Troop Committee Meetings: The Troop Committee normally meets the 2nd Sunday of each month, provided it is not major holiday week or during a Fayette County Public Schools break. It is held at 6:30 PM and concluding at 8PM.  Check the Troop Calendar to verify the meeting.  All Scoutmasters, Committee Members, and Parents are welcome.  This is the time to learn about some upcoming events, volunteer your talents and establish policies. Check the website for the meeting minutes. 

Monthly Outings: The Troop strives to camp or have another major activity at least once a month.  Scheduled outings are listed on the Event Calendar on the website and Troopmaster. There is normally a specific information sheet posted outlining the activity and signups are required on Troopmaster. Emails from the Activity Coordinator, David Thomas, will list the charges for that outing and are normally due, along with the required payment, two weeks before the outing.  Refunds may, or may not, be available if a Scout needs to cancel his reservation for an outing.  This depends on the level of commitment (including food purchase) and is at the discretion of the Scoutmaster or organizer of that particular activity.

Fund Raising/Scout Accounts:From time to time the Troop will provide an opportunity for Scouts to participate in fund raisers.  Profits on the money raised will be distributed to participating Scout accounts.  Scout accounts may be used by the Scout to pay for monthly activities, Troop fees, summer camp fees, etc.  Fund raisers can be excellent opportunities for a Scout to fund his Scouting experience. On occasion, the Troop may conduct a fund raiser for a specific need of the Troop. 

351 Jenkins Rd, Tyrone GA

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